All Purpose Cleaner - one QT spray bottle

All Purpose Cleaner

Produce Versatile Cleaning Power, Inside and Out With Detail Czar All Purpose Cleaner

Introducing The Detail Czar All Purpose Cleaner, the ultimate solution for keeping your entire vehicle immaculate without the need for an extensive array of chemicals. This highly concentrated, non-caustic cleaner is a must-have for every car enthusiast and professional car detailer.

Multi-Surface Excellence: Our All Purpose Automotive Cleaner is a versatile powerhouse, ideal for cleaning a wide range of components both outside ( interior rubber /plastic floor mats) your vehicle. From paint and fiberglass to vinyl and more, it’s a safe and effective choice that simplifies your cleaning routine.

Safe and Versatile: With safety as a top priority, this cleaner is suitable for a multitude of surfaces, including fiberglass, paint, convertible roofs, bed liners, truck covers, door jambs, wheel wells, carpeted inner fenders, hub caps, grills, and vinyl and rubber floor liners. It’s your go-to solution for spot cleaning and prepping to remove road grime from exterior painted surfaces.

Complete Cleaning for Every Nook and Cranny

The Detail Czar All Purpose Automotive Cleaner excels in tackling overlooked and neglected areas during the detailing process, ensuring no spot is left untouched.

Overlooked Areas, No More: This powerful cleaner triumphs in neglected areas, such as gas caps, inner carpeted fender wells, and windshield wiper cowls. It’s your secret weapon for addressing the intricacies of your vehicle’s inner workings.

Extend Your Cleaning Reach: Truck beds and boat interiors are equally deserving of a spotless shine. Our All Purpose Automotive Cleaner is your partner in maintaining truck beds, bed covers, tonneau covers, fabric and vinyl convertible tops, door jamb plastic and rubber kick panels, and truck running board vinyl inserts. Extend its use to your boat interiors for an all-encompassing clean.

Elevate your car care game with The Detail Czar All Purpose Cleaner. This highly concentrated, non-caustic cleaner is your all-in-one solution for a pristine vehicle, inside and out. From multi-surface excellence to addressing often-neglected areas, trust in the Detail Czar’s commitment to excellence in auto detailing. Say goodbye to the clutter of multiple cleaning products and hello to a simplified, spotless vehicle.


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