Touch Free Wheel Cleaner - one QT bottle

Touch Free Premium Wheel Cleaner

Introducing Detail Czar Touch Free Premium Wheel Cleaner: Effortless Shine for Every Wheel

Embrace the power of simplicity with the Detail Czar Touch Free Premium Wheel Cleaner. This advanced formula is designed to make wheel cleaning effortless, safe, and satisfying for both car enthusiasts and professional detailers.

Effortless Cleaning: Say goodbye to tedious scrubbing. Our Touch Free Premium Wheel Cleaner requires minimal effort – simply spray it on and let the advanced formula do the hard work for you. Ideal for high-end wheels, it ensures thorough cleaning without the risk of damage from aggressive brushing.

Color-Changing Technology: Experience the magic as the cleaner transforms from a translucent solution to a deep red and purple hue, actively targeting and dissolving grime. This color change not only adds a visual thrill to your cleaning routine but also indicates the effective removal of contaminants.

Safe on All Wheel Types: Developed with versatility in mind, our wheel cleaner is safe for use on all kinds of wheels, including steel, alloy, chrome, painted, powder-coated, uncoated, and anodized aluminum. This makes it a universal solution for any vehicle.

Reach the Unreachable: The Touch Free Premium Wheel Cleaner excels in accessing hard-to-reach areas of the wheel that brushes can’t touch. Without the need to remove the wheel, you can ensure a comprehensive clean, right down to the most intricate parts.

Combat Tough Contaminants: From burnt-on brake dust, oil, and grease to road salt, mud, and general grime, this cleaner is your weapon against the toughest of wheel adversaries. Watch as it restores the original shine and brilliance of your wheels, rims, hubcaps, lug nuts, and even brake calipers.

Ideal for Delicate and Expensive Wheels: Especially suited for high-end wheels where caution is paramount, this cleaner eliminates the need for aggressive scrubbing while ensuring outstanding results.

With the Detail Czar Touch Free Premium Wheel Cleaner, wheel cleaning is not just a chore; it’s a satisfying, simple, and safe experience. Unveil the potential of your wheels with every spray.


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