Glass and Mirror Cleaner - one QT spray bottle

Glass & Mirror Cleaner

Achieve Crystal Clear Visibility with Detail Czar Glass & Mirror Cleaner

Introducing the Detail Czar Glass & Mirror Cleaner, a must-have for anyone seeking streak-free clarity and shine for their vehicle’s glass surfaces. This ready-to-use (RTU) formula brings professional-grade cleaning to your fingertips.

Streak-Free Formula: Specially crafted to leave no streaks or smears
behind, our Glass & Mirror Cleaner ensures flawless results with each use. The formulation is perfect for automotive glass, where clarity and visibility are paramount.

Tackles Tough Interior Grime: Car windows, especially in vehicles
used by smokers, are prone to a challenging buildup of haze and dirt. This cleaner effectively cuts through this grime, restoring the pristine condition of your car’s interior windows.

Pleasant Green Apple Scent: Enhance your cleaning experience with
the fresh aroma of green apple. Our cleaner not only leaves your glass surfaces spotless but also imparts a pleasant, refreshing scent.

Safe for Multiple Surfaces: Beyond glass, this versatile cleaner
is ideal for mirrors and various chrome interior components like door handles, seat belt ends, dashboard gauges, and LED screens. Its gentle yet effective formula ensures safe application on these delicate surfaces.

Alcohol-Free for Tinted Windows: Formulated without alcohol, the
Detail Czar Glass & Mirror Cleaner is safe to use on windows tinted with window film. This makes it a reliable choice for all types of vehicles, regardless of their window treatments.

Perfect for Professional Detailers and Car Enthusiasts: Whether
you’re a professional detailer striving for perfection or a car enthusiast dedicated to maintaining the beauty of your vehicle, this Glass & Mirror Cleaner is an indispensable tool in your detailing arsenal.

Embrace the power of clarity with the Detail Czar Glass & Mirror Cleaner – where superior cleaning meets the brilliance of your vehicle’s glass and mirrored surfaces.


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