Car Interior Cleaner - one QT spray bottle

Super Duty Cleaner

Elevate Your Cleaning Game with Detail Czar Super Duty Cleaner!

The Detail Czar Super Duty Cleaner is extremely concentrated and is the ultimate cleaning powerhouse you’ve been waiting for. Equipped to quickly remove a variety of stains, from grease and oil to dirt, wax, road film, and interior spills, it’s your all-in-one solution for pristine surfaces both inside and outside your vehicle.

Versatile Cleaning Mastery: Our Super Duty Cleaner is designed to tackle a wide range of surfaces with ease. From carpets and fabric to vinyl, wheels, door jambs, engine compartments, rubber, and plastic floor liners, this powerhouse does it all.

One-Step Stain Eradication: Instead of cluttering your cleaning arsenal with multiple products for different stains, our Super Duty Cleaner is your versatile savior. Make stains vanish in one small step, simplifying your cleaning routine.

Conquer Grime Build-Up: Attack grime build-up on hard-to-clean exterior surfaces with confidence. This product is perfect for revitalizing vinyl and cloth convertible roofs, tackling both plastic and carpeted wheel wells, hub caps, bed liners, and even engine compartments.

Safe for Car Interiors: Ground-in dirt on carpets, floor liners, and mats are no match for the cleaning prowess of our Super Duty Cleaner Concentrate. It’s not just for exteriors; it’s safe to use on car interiors and fabric surfaces. Whether it’s interior vinyl, plastic, or leather seating, this product delivers spotless results without leaving any residue behind.

Versatile and Highly Concentrated: Our Super Duty Cleaner being highly concentrated, means you can adjust the dilution ratio to match the cleaning task at hand. It’s a true all-purpose cleaner for both interior and exterior components. Use it on plastic, vinyl, rubber, carpets, upholstery, and even leather.

Recommended Dilutions:

  • 5:1 – Carpets, wheel wells, door jambs.
  • 10:1 – Upholstery, plastic, vinyl, floor mats.
  • 20:1 – Leather/vinyl seats.

Unleash the cleaning potential of The Detail Czar Super Duty Cleaner. Say goodbye to stubborn stains, grime build-up, and the hassle of using multiple cleaners. Streamline your cleaning routine and experience spotless surfaces both inside and outside your vehicle. Get yours today and elevate your cleaning game!


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