Vinyl & Plastic Interior Cleaner - one QT spray bottle

Vinyl & Plastic Interior Cleaner

Revitalize Your Car’s Interior with Detail Czar Vinyl & Plastic Cleaner

Discover the transformative power of the Detail Czar Vinyl & Plastic Cleaner, a top-tier solution for rejuvenating all vinyl, plastic, and leather surfaces in your vehicle. This cleaner stands out as one of the best for car interiors, ensuring your car not only looks clean but feels revitalized.

Effective on a Range of Surfaces: Our Vinyl & Plastic Cleaner is expertly formulated to tackle dirt and grime on interior door panels, center consoles, cup holders, dashboards, steering wheels, fabric and vinyl headliners, and even plastic and vinyl floor mats. It’s your all-in-one solution for interior cleaning.

Concentrated Cleaning Power: A small amount of this cleaner goes a long way. Made with concentrated compounds, it requires just a light spray and a damp brush or towel to unleash its cleaning magic. This efficiency makes it a cost-effective and long-lasting choice.

Deep Penetrating Formula: The cleaner’s formula is designed to penetrate deep into vinyl, plastic, and leather surfaces for a comprehensive clean. It effectively removes dirt and grime, ensuring a thorough cleanse without damaging the surfaces.

Ideal for High-Contact Areas: Perfect for areas that accumulate grime from hands, arms, and shoes, this cleaner keeps the most frequently touched parts of your car’s interior looking new. It’s especially effective for cleaning and refreshing door panels.

Helps Restores Original Colors: Infused with optical brighteners, the Vinyl & Plastic Cleaner doesn’t just clean – it restores the rich, vibrant colors of your car’s surfaces to their original showroom condition. This restoration aspect is what sets it apart from ordinary cleaners.

Eco-Friendly and Safe: Our cleaner is as safe for the environment as it is for your car. It’s biodegradable, pH-balanced to clean without drying out or stiffening surfaces, and leaves no residue with a neutral odor. This eco-friendly profile ensures a guilt-free cleaning experience.

User-Friendly Application: Whether diluted with water or used with a dampened brush or towel, it activates suds that lather surfaces without drying them out, making cleaning both effective and enjoyable.

The Detail Czar Vinyl & Plastic Cleaner is not just a cleaning product; it’s a revitalizing agent for your car’s interior, turning every cleaning session into a rewarding experience. Safe, effective, and eco-friendly, this cleaner is a must-have for anyone committed to maintaining the pristine condition of their vehicle’s interior.


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