Extractor Shampoo - one QT bottle

Extractor Shampoo

Revitalize Your Car’s Interior with Detail Czar Extractor Shampoo

Introducing the Detail Czar Extractor Shampoo, a premier solution designed to transform the way you clean your vehicle’s interior carpeting and fabric seating surfaces. Ideal for use with both hot and cold water interior soil extractors, this shampoo offers a superior cleaning experience.

Optimized for Extractors and Hand Cleaning: This versatile shampoo excels when used in conjunction with an extractor. For optimal results, spray a mist onto the carpets or fabric and velour seating surfaces, lightly brush into the fibers, then begin extracting. The unique formula is also perfect for hand scrubbing as a low-foaming shampoo, offering flexibility for those without an extractor.

Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency: The high pH, low foaming formula of the Detail Czar Extractor Shampoo ensures effective cleaning without excessive suds. Its powerful action lifts dirt and grime, leaving your car’s interior immaculately clean.

Citrus Scented Freshness: As you clean, enjoy the refreshing and invigorating citrus scent. This pleasant aroma adds a touch of freshness to your car’s interior, enhancing the overall cleaning experience.

Optical Brighteners for Vibrant Results: What sets our Extractor Shampoo apart is the inclusion of optical brighteners. These work not just to clean your interior fabrics and carpets but also to brighten up the fibers, restoring their original vibrancy and making them look new.

Highly Concentrated for Economical Use: The shampoo’s high concentration means that only a small amount is needed to achieve outstanding results, making it a cost-effective addition to your detailing toolkit.

For professional detailers and car enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive solution for interior fabric and carpet cleaning, the Detail Czar Extractor Shampoo is an indispensable choice. It’s more than just a shampoo; it’s a revitalizer for your vehicle’s interior.


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