Clay Spray Lubricant - one QT spray bottle

Clay Spray Lubricant

Elevate Your Claying Experience with Detail Czar Clay Spray Lubricant

Introducing the Detail Czar Clay Spray Lubricant – the perfect companion for your clay bars and Nanoskin AutoScrub products. This water-based lubricant is designed to revolutionize the paint decontamination process, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and effective treatment for your vehicle’s clearcoat painted surfaces.

Optimized Claying Process: Our Clay Spray Lubricant creates an exceptionally slick surface, allowing the clay or AutoScrub product to glide effortlessly over the paint. This not only enhances the cleaning efficiency but also ensures a deeper and more thorough cleanse of the clearcoat.

Prolongs Clay Bar Life: Regular use of the Clay Spray Lubricant significantly increases the lifespan of your clay bars. It prevents them from breaking down and coming apart, conserving the bar’s life and saving you on product costs in the long run.

Versatile Use with Nanoskin Autoscrubs: Beyond clay bars, this lubricant is perfectly compatible with Nanoskin Autoscrubs, providing versatility and added value to your detailing toolkit.

Ideal for Clay Bar Storage: Keep your clay bar in optimal condition by storing it with a few ounces of our Clay Spray Lubricant. This practice keeps the clay moist and ready for use, ensuring its longevity and readiness for your next detailing session.

Surface Contamination Test: An innovative use of our lubricant is in testing for surface contamination. Simply spray the lubricant on a surface and glide your fingers in a plastic sandwich bag over it. The level of grittiness felt will indicate the extent of contamination, aiding in your detailing strategy.

User-Friendly and Eco-Conscious: Designed with the user in mind, this lubricant is easy to apply – just pour it into a spray bottle and apply directly to the surface. Its biodegradable nature and pleasant fruity fragrance make the claying process not just effective but also enjoyable.

The Detail Czar Clay Spray Lubricant isn’t just a product; it’s an essential part of your claying and paint decontamination process, ensuring a seamless, pleasant, and effective experience. Perfect for both professional detailers and car enthusiasts, this lubricant is a must-have for achieving the ultimate finish on your vehicle.


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