Graphene Carwash Shampoo - one QT bottle

Detail Czar Graphene Wash

Elevate Your Graphene-Coated Vehicle with Detail Czar Graphene Wash!

The Detail Czar Graphene Wash for Graphene Coatings is the ultimate cleaner for the regular maintenance of vehicles that have already been treated with a Graphene coating. Designed to revamp the surface of your graphene-coated vehicle, this pH-neutral and dilutable wash not only cleans but also provides a protective layer to ensure your surface remains hydrophobic and ready to tackle the elements.

Tailored for Graphene-Coated Vehicles: Our Graphene Wash is specifically formulated for vehicles that have already been treated with graphene coatings. Use it as often as your vehicle needs to be washed, just like any other car wash shampoo, to maintain the brilliance of your coating.

Silica Technology for Rejuvenation: With advanced silica technology, our Graphene Wash rejuvenates your graphene coating with every wash. It applies an invisible protective film that empowers your coating to continue its battle against dirt, grime, water damage, and wear and tear.

Powerful Yet Gentle Foaming Action: The powerful yet gentle foaming action of Graphene Wash lubricates surfaces while cleaning, ensuring a thorough, quick, and safe cleaning experience. It’s pH neutral and produces high, stable foam that enhances cleaning efficiency. You can even use it with foam guns for maximum effectiveness.

Keep Surfaces Hydrophobic: After application, our Graphene Wash ensures that water beads off the surface, guaranteeing that your ceramic coating remains water-repellent and easier to keep clean.

Long-Lasting Efficiency: Choose a product that lasts. Only a small amount of Graphene Wash is needed to get the job done. Dilute two to three ounces with water, and you’re ready to achieve exceptional cleaning results. A quart can last you up to 15 washes, making it a cost-effective choice for maintaining your graphene-coated vehicle.

Elevate your graphene-coated vehicle with The Detail Czar Graphene Wash for Graphene Coatings. It’s not just a wash; it’s a rejuvenating treatment that keeps your coating looking and performing its best. Experience the power of silica technology and long-lasting protection with Graphene Wash. It’s time to make every wash count!


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