Ceramic Shampoo - one QT bottle

Ceramic Shampoo

Enhance Your Ceramic Coating with Detail Czar Ceramic Shampoo

Presenting the Detail Czar Ceramic Shampoo – the ideal carwash soap specifically formulated for vehicles with ceramic coatings. This shampoo is the perfect maintenance cleaner for cars that have undergone ceramic treatment, ensuring your investment continues to shine and protect.

Formulated for Ceramic Coated Vehicles: This shampoo is tailor-made for regular upkeep of ceramic-coated vehicles. Its special formula is gentle on the coating while providing effective cleaning. Great for ceramic maintenance washes.

Dilutable and pH Neutral: Keeping in mind the delicate nature of ceramic coatings, our Ceramic Shampoo is pH neutral and dilutable. It offers a balanced cleaning solution that preserves the integrity of your coating while thoroughly cleaning your vehicle.

Silica Technology for Coating Rejuvenation: Infused with Silica technology, this shampoo not only cleans but also rejuvenates your ceramic coating with every wash. The invisible protective film it leaves behind helps your coating continue to fight against dirt, grime, water damage, and wear and tear.

Gentle Yet Powerful Foaming Action: The foaming action of this shampoo is both powerful and gentle, ensuring surfaces are lubricated and safe from scratches or abrasions during cleaning. It offers a high, stable foam for thorough and quick cleaning.

Ideal for Foam Guns and Foam Cannons: For maximum effectiveness, use this product with a foam gun or foam cannon. This method maximizes coverage and enhances the cleaning power of the shampoo.

Hydrophobic Surfaces Post-Wash: The Ceramic Shampoo not only cleans but also maintains the hydrophobic properties of your ceramic coating. Expect water beading after application, ensuring your coating remains water repellent and easier to keep clean.

Economical and Efficient: A little goes a long way with the Detail Czar Ceramic Shampoo. Just two to three ounces diluted with water is sufficient for one wash, making a quart last for up to 15 washes.

For car enthusiasts and professional detailers who demand the best care for ceramic-coated vehicles, the Detail Czar Ceramic Shampoo is a must-have. It’s more than just a carwash soap; it’s a safeguard for your ceramic coating’s longevity and efficacy.


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