Kleen Slate Stripping Prep Wash - Strip Wash For Cars - one QT bottle

Kleen Slate Stripping Prep Wash

Prepare Your Surface with Detail Czar Kleen Slate Stripping Prep Wash!

Introducing The Detail Czar Kleen Slate Stripping Prep Wash, a super-concentrated, high-foaming soap that’s engineered to tackle the toughest grime with effortless ease. This prep wash is your key to a clean slate for your vehicle’s surfaces, whether you’re preparing for correction or protection steps.

High-Powered Cleaning: Kleen Slate Stripping Prep Wash doesn’t shy away from heavy-duty grime. It aggressively breaks down even the most stubborn contaminants, ensuring your surfaces are immaculate and ready for the next steps in your detailing process.

Wax & Sealant Removal: Need to strip away previously applied wax or sealant to start fresh? Kleen Slate is your go-to solution. It efficiently removes wax, silicones, and resins, paving the way for new correction and protection steps.

Gentle on Plastics & Rubber: While it’s tough on contaminants, Kleen Slate Stripping Prep Wash is gentle on plastic and rubber materials. You won’t have to worry about it drying out or harming these components, and it leaves behind no unwanted streaking.

Presoak for Contact Wash: Use Kleen Slate as a presoak before performing a contact wash to loosen and lift contaminants, making the washing process more effective.

Decontaminate for Paint Correction: Prior to paint correction or ceramic coating, use Kleen Slate to thoroughly decontaminate the surface, ensuring that you’re starting with a clean canvas.

Powerful Degreasing: Kleen Slate contains powerful degreasing surfactants that cut through grease and grime, leaving your surfaces spotless and ready for the next detailing step.

Prepare your vehicle’s surfaces for perfection with The Detail Czar Kleen Slate Stripping Prep Wash. It’s not just a soap; it’s your solution for achieving a clean slate, whether you’re tackling heavy grime, wax removal, or decontamination. Elevate your detailing game and start fresh with Kleen Slate!


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