Tar Off & Road Grime Remover - one QT spray bottle

Tar Off & Road Grime Remover

Revive Your Vehicle’s Shine with Detail Czar Tar Off & Road Grime Remover!

Discover the power of The Detail Czar Tar Off & Road Grime Remover, a remarkable, non-flammable, VOC Compliant, solvent based compound formulated to swiftly eliminate those stubborn tar splatters that mar the beauty of your vehicle’s lower body panels, wheel lips, and tailgates.

Swift Tar Stain Eradication: Bid farewell to messy and frustrating tar stains with just a bottle of this product and a towel. Our Tar Off & Road Grime Remover effortlessly dissolves the problematic tar splatter that can darken your vehicle’s pristine surfaces.

Glue Adhesive Removal: It’s not just tar splatter stains that this product conquers. It’s also a great solution for removing stubborn glue adhesives that linger on vehicle surfaces after graphics, stickers or decals have been removed.

Efficient Grime Breakdown: Don’t waste time and energy cleaning off tar. Our Tar Off & Road Grime Remover works quickly to break down tar and grime, capable of dissolving sticky deposits that can harm your paint.

Specialized Solvent: Unlike many tar products combined with bug cleaners that can be less effective, our product is a dedicated solvent specifically designed for tackling tar stains. It’s simple to use and highly efficient.

Protection from Road Hazards: Combat inevitable blemishes that result from driving through work zones, freshly paved roads, oil and chipping, and highway patchwork. Keep your vehicle’s exposed body panels looking fresh and free from unsightly tar splatter.

Ideal for Light-Colored Vehicles: Tar is most visible on light and bright colored paint. Ensure your paint maintains its vibrancy by having a bottle of Tar Off & Road Grime Remover on hand, whether you’re a car enthusiast or a professional auto detailer.

Prep for Auto Detailing: Before you can polish, wax, seal, or coat your vehicle, it’s essential to rid it of tar stains. Use this product as a crucial step in your detailing procedure to ensure a flawless finish.

Protect Vulnerable Areas: Tar spray doesn’t discriminate; it can accumulate on fenders, wheel wells, and the undercarriage too. Don’t neglect these areas to prevent future problems and protect your vehicle comprehensively.

Unleash the cleaning power of The Detail Czar Tar Off & Road Grime Remover. Whether you’re dealing with tar splatters or stubborn glue adhesives, trust in this non-flammable solution to restore your vehicle’s pristine appearance.

Don’t let road hazards tarnish your vehicle’s beauty; keep it looking fresh and flawless with our Tar Off & Road Grime Remover.


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