Tire And Whitewall Cleaner - one QT spray bottle

Tire & Rubber Cleaner

Elevate Your Tires with Detail Czar Tire & Rubber Cleaner!

Introducing The Detail Czar Tire & Rubber Cleaner, your all-in-one solution for revitalizing your tires and rubber surfaces. This powerhouse product not only cleans tires but also works wonders on whitewalls, white-lettered tires, Vogue Tyres, rubber, vinyl and plastic floor mats, mud flaps, and floor liners.

Deep Conditioning Power: Our Tire & Rubber Cleaner features a special additive ingredient that not only cleans but also darkens rubber, plastic, and vinyl, giving them a deep conditioned look. Say goodbye to dull and faded surfaces, and hello to a rich and rejuvenated appearance. It’s more than just a cleaner; it’s a tire-saving treatment.

Brighten and Restore: Unlike other similar products that leave a dull gray shade behind, our cleaner brightens and restores, leaving your tires and rubber surfaces looking vibrant and refreshed.

Caustic and Concentrated: This product means business. It’s caustic and highly concentrated, ready to take on even the toughest jobs with ease. With its yellow hue and pleasant fresh lemon scent, it’s as effective as it is inviting.

Attack Grime in Seconds: Tires are constantly in contact with filthy surfaces, making cleaning them a daunting task. Our Tire & Rubber Cleaner activates and starts breaking down grime within seconds. It’s a heavy-duty solution for heavy-duty jobs, ensuring your tires are spotless and ready to shine.

Ideal Base for Tire Dressing: Maximize the shine and brilliance of your tires by using our Tire & Rubber Cleaner as a base cleaner before applying tire dressing. Let the cleaner do the hard work, so your tire dressing can add the final touch of glitz and glamour.

Chemical-Free Brilliance: No phosphates or butyl are included in this product, yet it achieves incredible results. Experience outstanding cleaning power without the need for harsh chemicals. Plus, it’s biodegradable, so you can clean with confidence.

Elevate your tire game with The Detail Czar Tire & Rubber Cleaner. It’s not just a cleaner; it’s a rejuvenation treatment that brings tires and rubber surfaces back to life. Experience deep conditioning, brightening, and brilliant results with every use. It’s time to revitalize your tires with Detail Czar!


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