Wheel & Engine Degreaser - one QT spray bottle

Wheel & Engine Degreaser

Unleash Maximum Cleaning Power with Detail Czar Wheel & Engine Degreaser

Introducing the Detail Czar Wheel & Engine Degreaser – your ultimate solution for tackling the toughest cleaning challenges on your vehicle and beyond. This powerful degreaser is designed to cut through the most stubborn dirt and grime in engine compartments, wheels, and other challenging areas.

Versatile and Powerful Cleaning: Ideal for a variety of applications, this degreaser excels in cleaning engine compartments, wheels, door jambs, wheel wells, as well as non-automotive surfaces like fiberglass boat bodies. Its versatility makes it an essential product for any detailing arsenal.

Biodegradable and Potent Formula: Formulated to be both effective and environmentally responsible, our Wheel & Engine Degreaser is biodegradable yet caustic, ensuring a deep clean without harming the planet. Its highly concentrated compound is specially designed to attack filth in the hardest areas to clean.

Beyond Vehicles: Its efficacy extends beyond vehicles – it’s also a great choice for cleaning tough stains on concrete floors and boat compartments, demonstrating its impressive versatility.

Balanced Aggressiveness: Positioned as a perfect balance between our Super Wheel Cleaner and Super Duty Cleaner, the Detail Czar Wheel & Engine Degreaser offers a level of aggressiveness that is effective yet safe for a wide range of cleaning tasks.

Efficient and Effective: Whether you’re a professional detailer or a car enthusiast, this degreaser ensures that you can tackle the most challenging cleaning jobs with confidence. It’s about finding the right product for the right job, and the Detail Czar Wheel & Engine Degreaser is often exactly what you need.

With the Detail Czar Wheel & Engine Degreaser, prepare to transform the toughest and most neglected areas of your vehicle and other surfaces into spotlessly clean and impressive finishes. It’s not just a cleaner; it’s a symbol of your commitment to excellence in detailing.


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