Tornador Air Cleaning Tool Soap - one QT bottle

Detailers Soap

Elevate Your Interior Detailing Game with Detail Czar Detailers Soap

Introducing the Detail Czar Detailers Soap – a game-changer in interior car cleaning. Specially designed for compatibility with all Tornador Interior Cleaning tools, including the Tornador Air Cleaning Tool, Tornador Max, and Tornador Black, this soap is a must-have for efficient and effective interior detailing.

Potent Cleaning Power: The Detailers Soap expertly breaks down dirt and grime, making interior cleaning effortless. Its powerful formula is designed to tackle even the most stubborn dirt, ensuring a thorough and deep clean every time.

Revitalizing Darkening Agents: Infused with special darkening agents, this soap rejuvenates vinyl and plastic car interior components. Watch as it restores their original luster, making your car’s interior look as good as new.

Labor-Saving Efficiency: When used with any of Tornador Car Tools, the Detailers Soap slashes labor costs significantly. Its efficient cleaning action means interior detailing can be completed in far less time compared to conventional methods.

Economical Usage: Efficiency meets economy with this soap. For each filled quart-size tank of the Tornador, only two ounces of Detailers Soap are required, with the rest of the tank filled with water. This economical ratio ensures long-lasting use and cost-effectiveness.

Foam Gun Compatible: Pour a few ounces in your Tornador Foam Gun or any Foam Cannon to create a superb cleaning foam to help scrub away filthy rubber, plastic or carpeted floor mats and cargo liners.

Odor-Eliminating Enzymes: The formula includes enzymes that don’t just clean but also eliminate pesky odors. It neutralizes stale and foul smells from stains and spills, leaving your car’s interior smelling fresh and pleasant.

Pleasant Scent as It Cleans: As the Detailers Soap works its magic, it releases a pleasant scent, enhancing the overall cleaning experience. It’s not just a cleaning agent; it’s a sensory delight.

For professional detailers and car enthusiasts who demand the best in interior cleaning, the Detail Czar Detailers Soap is an indispensable tool. It transforms interior detailing from a chore into an efficient, enjoyable, and rewarding experience.


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