Carwash Shampoo & Shine With Wax - one QT bottle

Carwash Shampoo & Shine

Experience Brilliance with Detail Czar Carwash Shampoo & Shine!

Get ready to elevate your car washing experience with our highly sought-after Detail Czar Carwash Shampoo & Shine. This exceptional product combines the power of a car wash shampoo with the brilliance of wax, giving you a one-of-a-kind solution for cleaning and shining your vehicle.

Dirt & Grime Removal: Our Carwash Shampoo & Shine is expertly designed to break down and loosen dirt on your vehicle’s surface effortlessly. No matter the season, it tackles contaminants like dirt, salt, pollen, and dust with ease.

Swirl & Scratch Elimination: As you wash, this product acts as a superb lubricant between your vehicle’s surface and your wash mitt. It eliminates swirls and scratches, ensuring your paint remains flawless and pristine. If you have a black or dark colored car this product will make your dark colored paint gleam in the sun or shade.

Polished Brilliance: Not only does it clean away dirt and grime, but the included polymers work their magic to revitalize the brilliance of your paint. You’ll be left with a glossy finish that’ll turn heads on the road.

Time & Effort Saver: Our Carwash Shampoo & Shine is your ultimate time-saving companion. It’s a versatile two-in-one product that simplifies vehicle maintenance. No need for separate washing and waxing steps—it’s all in one!

Efficient Dilution: Just a few ounces of this product mixed with water are all you need for each application. It’s a cost-effective solution that goes a long way in keeping your vehicle looking its best.

Versatile Use: Whether you’re looking for quick and easy maintenance or a solid base for further waxing and coating, our Carwash Shampoo & Shine has you covered. It adapts to your detailing needs seamlessly. Just pour a few ounces into a wash bucket or a foam gun or foam cannon.

Pleasant Fragrance: Enjoy the delightful fruity scent as you wash your vehicle. It’s a refreshing experience that adds a touch of enjoyment to your car care routine.

Environmentally Friendly: Our commitment to the environment is unwavering. Carwash Shampoo & Shine is biodegradable, ensuring you can maintain your vehicle without harming the planet.

Experience the brilliance of clean and shiny with The Detail Czar Carwash Shampoo & Shine. It’s more than just a car wash; it’s a transformative experience that leaves your vehicle looking its absolute best. Say goodbye to dull and hello to dazzling!


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